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DS Dodd

Lawton, OK


I enjoy the pursuit of the relationships, beauty, and the personality of each photo I capture. I am pursuing the deeper meaning within the things around me. I do this in my profession as a psychologist, in my relationships with others, and through my hobbies such as Photography.

My internal lens of review and world perspective is as a Christ-follower who seeks to capture glimpses of the fallen world but also to contribute to it's redemption, even though the source of that redemption is not my own. I aspire to capture truthful reflections of the Creator's work around us and within us. That does not mean that my pictures necessarily have a particularly spiritual or religious content as I often see His work in unusual places. Doing this work is a joy and I long to take photos and to pursue the depth of the captured content. I am particularly drawn to faces of people, faces of animals, and anything that stirs something within me.

I hope that you take a deeper look at the images to see His work and to hear the story that is being told.

Still striving to capture the story behind the creation.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE : 2012. David S. Dodd's photographs or other works of art do not belong to the public domain. All of my art pieces have been copyrighted with all rights reserved. All photographs and other works of art are the property of David S. Dodd. No photograph or work of art may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of David S. Dodd. The purchase of any and all of my prints does not transfer reproduction rights.

If you wish to reproduce my work in any form, please contact me.


Yellow Spring by DS Dodd


Eating on the Fly by DS Dodd


Simple Hideaway by DS Dodd


Approaching Troubled Time by DS Dodd


Elk Cooling Down in Lake by DS Dodd


Elk Velveteen by DS Dodd


Talk to Me by DS Dodd


Big Red by DS Dodd


White Lightning by DS Dodd


Fawn by DS Dodd


Canadian Goose by DS Dodd